TFS Recognized Volunteers with 8+ Years of Service at our 17th Annual Event.

On Saturday March 25th, 2023 at the Threads For Success Annual Event. The Board Chairman Monty Harris gave out several awards to volunteers who have served and supported Threads For Success over the years. This was the first time any award of this type was given out. The following individuals and groups were acknowledged.

Threads For Success would like to acknowledge (Names) who have served as a valuable volunteer and supporter of our annual event. In honor of all volunteers past and present , the Board Members would like to thank you for several years of service with our organization. 

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” – Muhammad Ali

  1. Marty Mulcahy
  2. Corey Dull 
  3. John Burton
  4. Brent Ballance
  5. Marquis Herring
  6. Gamma Lambda Education Foundation
  7. Judy Wachler
  8. Rotary Club of Detroit
  9. Ally Fiteny
  10. Albert Boswell

Anthony Fracchia Named Board Member Emeritus For Threads For Success

On May 21st, 2022 Anthony Fracchia was honored as the First Board Member Emeritus at the 16th Annual Event. Anthony served on Threads For Success Board for several years. Monty Harris, Board Chairman spoke to the audience and Anthony that this idea was in the works back in 2020 after several discussions with the late Founder Rob Wachler. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and safety, the previous TFS events were short and did not include a full program in 2020 & 2021. In 2022 TFS returned back to a full day event with over 100 attendees present. Anthony was volunteering at the annual event with some of his students from Aspire Detroit. Monty Harris presented a plaque thanking him for years of service and support to TFS. Anthony’s work may have began at TFS but he is continuing to work in the community with his organization Aspire Detroit. Please visit his website to learn more about the work they are doing in Michigan.

The Greatness Camp Donates $1000 to Threads For Success Scholars

Monty Harris-TFS Board Chair (Left), Brandon Jackson-Greatness Camp (center), Jack Philip (right), Anthony Fracchia-Aspire Detroit (right)

At the 16th Annual Event for Threads For Success event, keynote speaker Mr. Brandon Jackson gave a very inspiring and uplifting message to the young men and volunteers in attendance. His message was geared towards success by higher education and how to become great. With his signature address to the audience “Great Day” everyone, Mr. Jackson continued with his personal story of being counted out at an early age. Later he was adopted by Mr. Walter Jackson(Father) who told him he was great despite his situation. With a new hope and focus on life after navigating the foster care system, he was able to graduate college and earn a bachelors and master degree. Brandon is the CEO and Founder of The Greatness Camp LLC,  a student enrichment and empowerment initiative. The Greatness Camp provides a pipeline of students (K-20) that understands education is a key component to civic engagement, wealth attainment, better health and are focused on the pursuit of education as a means to obtain their best life. Visit their website to learn more about this awesome program.

16th Annual Threads For Success 2022 Scholarship Winners

On Saturday May 21st 2022, the Board of Directors held our Scholarship Raffle at the annual event.

This year marked our 4th Scholarship Raffle. Each young man who participated in our annual event was entered into our raffle to win a $500 dollar scholarship. This scholarship fund was changed to The Rob Wachler Scholarship Award, in honor of our beloved founder who passed away on February 21st 2022. Threads For Success Board Chair Monty Harris drew 10 scholarship raffle tickets from a drum. In addition to this scholarship we had a special $1000 matching scholarship that was sponsored by Jack Philip (Columbus, OH).

Threads For Success will be awarding $6,000 to the Detroit community on behalf of our board and everyone who donated to our organization.  Congrats to the winners!

    1. Joshua Jack– Alpha Esquire
    2. Kyle Booker– Cass Tech Football Team
    3. Matthew Archer– Gamma Lambda Education Foundation
    4. Marcus Fields– Gamma Lambda Education Foundation
    5. Trevon Harris– Gamma Lambda Education Foundation
    6. Maissa Slaughter- Gamma Lambda Education Foundation
    7. Khamani Thomas– Midnight Golf
    8. Cullen Veasley– Midnight Golf
    9. Anthony Renederos- Omircon Alpha Alpha Foundation
    10. Nicholas Barton- Gamma Lambda Education Foundation
    11. DeAngelo Crawford- (Jack Philip Award Winner) Bingo

Threads For Success Suit Drive-Thru 2020

The original 2020 Threads For Success annual event back in March was canceled due to Covid-19. However through the vision of our Board Chair Rob Wachler, a modified version of the event was presented and approved by the TFS Board of Directors after the mandated shutdown was lifted. On Wednesday July 1st, 2020 staff from Tom James Clothing and volunteers from the community volunteered their time to assist us with a drive-thru style event. Starting at 9am each graduate arrived onsite to a parking lot full of clothing and volunteers to assist them. Each graduate received a suite, shirt and tie as promised. We had the chance to meet some outstanding young men from the City of Detroit. Some of these young men are going to great colleges like Howard University and Cal Tech. Special thanks to all of the volunteers and community partners who showed up in 85 degree weather. We are thankful for the media coverage provided by Channel 4 News Detroit. See link below

Former Mayor Dave Bing’s Mentoring Program Hosts Threads For Success

Detroit’s former Mayor Dave Bing along with his mentoring program the Bing Youth Institute, hosted the 13th Annual Threads For Success event on Saturday March 23, 2019. The NBA Hall of Fame player was the keynote speaker and partner for the event. The Pistons Legend spoke to the young men about the importance of  appropriate dress for business environments. He shared how during the NBA off season he interviewed for a banking position with NBD (National Bank of Deroit). He had to dress properly in order to work in a business environment. Mr. Bing also praised the number of volunteers who were present at the event.

Threads For Success is honored to have long standing volunteers from Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Detroit Rotary, Tom James Clothing, & City Year Detroit.