The Greatness Camp Donates $1000 to Threads For Success Scholars

Monty Harris-TFS Board Chair (Left), Brandon Jackson-Greatness Camp (center), Jack Philip (right), Anthony Fracchia-Aspire Detroit (right)

At the 16th Annual Event for Threads For Success event, keynote speaker Mr. Brandon Jackson gave a very inspiring and uplifting message to the young men and volunteers in attendance. His message was geared towards success by higher education and how to become great. With his signature address to the audience “Great Day” everyone, Mr. Jackson continued with his personal story of being counted out at an early age. Later he was adopted by Mr. Walter Jackson(Father) who told him he was great despite his situation. With a new hope and focus on life after navigating the foster care system, he was able to graduate college and earn a bachelors and master degree. Brandon is the CEO and Founder of The Greatness Camp LLC,  a student enrichment and empowerment initiative. The Greatness Camp provides a pipeline of students (K-20) that understands education is a key component to civic engagement, wealth attainment, better health and are focused on the pursuit of education as a means to obtain their best life. Visit their website to learn more about this awesome program.

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